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Suzanne Donegan is a luxury design consultant who specializes in interiors and lifestyle design, custom design furniture, and hi-end brand innovation.  Suzanne's philosophy is rooted in tradition while intensely modern in outlook and awareness. She has 15  years experience in the design industry and her work has become recognized for understated elegance, superior craftsmanship and personalized design. Her brand and products have garnered ongoing publicity in prominent print and film and can be seen on the red carpet as well as in high-end retailers. 

As a natural collaborator, Suzanne is adept at creating fluid partnerships and inspiring clients with her personable approach. She is an instinctive tastemaker and marketing strategist with strong business acumen... that has established Suzanne as a sought after consultant for clients on both the east and west coasts.

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info@suzannedonegan.com                      +1 323 893 9366