Flourish is an innovative wellness concept showcasing the way holistic surroundings and products impact the five senses, integrate mind-body-spirit and create a more meaningful life. Through restorative design, curated products and immersive programming, Flourish educates and inspires the health oriented consumer on the benefits of science based self-care in the home. 



design for wellbeing

Design is no longer philosophical. Scientific research has shown the impact aesthetics have on health and wellbeing. Great design allows people to feel comfortable, energized, focused and in time with the natural rhythms of life.  It is powerful- guiding movement, influencing mood, bringing communities together, and altering the brain.  The five senses are central to this experience and are ultimately the link between the inner and outer worlds.

The brain is the center of our consciousness and the origin of all that we do. It is malleable and impacted by our surroundings. Sensory cues, repeated behaviors, and environmental factors have a profound influence on our cellular and genetic function. Restorative design and architecture aid in establishing and maintaining a sound body and mind throughout the lifespan. By optimizing and constructing an environment that considers cognitive, emotional and physical health, we can flourish