SHAPING the future of WELLNESS 

Flourish is an innovative wellness center dedicated to integrative brain health, enhanced wellbeing and cutting-edge neuroscience research. Our mission is driven by life course education, holistic traditions, and fostering an intergenerational community. Transforming the way we think about aging, Flourish focuses on optimal health across the lifespan; centered around an interdisciplinary approach to mind-body interactions, such as culinary nutrition and lifestyle management.

The therapeutic surroundings of the Flourish center consist of spaces devoted to cognitive, emotional and physical health including: a spiritual center, contemplative movement / meditation rooms, an educational kitchen, landscaped gardens and organic restaurant.


design for health & wellbeing

Great design is not just about aesthetics but is holistic, thoughtful, and scientifically-grounded. Design is powerful; it can shift focus, guide movement, influence mood, bring communities together, and alter the brain.

The brain is the center of our consciousness and the origin of all that we do. It is malleable and impacted by our surroundings. Sensory cues, repeated behaviors, and environmental factors have a profound influence on our cellular and genetic function. Wellness design and architecture aid in establishing and maintaining a sound body and mind throughout the lifespan. By optimizing and constructing an environment that considers cognitive, emotional and physical health, we can flourish