Systems and Solutions

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Circadian Lighting System 

Adaptive lighting like the Phillips' offerings help to regulate the body's internal clock, leading to more restful sleep and alertness and energy during the day. 


Optimized Air Flow and Purification

Pollution, allergens, and other airborne contaminants should be filtered out with a house-wide purification system using advanced HEPA filters. 


Energy Efficiency

Home energy monitors, solar panels and efficient appliances are just a few options for reducing your carbon footprint and utility bills. 


Water Purification

Water purification shouldn't just be a filter on the kitchen sink, but a system that provides clean and balanced water for bathing and consumption. Advanced water filtration reduces chlorine, lead and other VOC contaminants.



Cutting down on ambient noise and noise pollution creates a more serene, healthy and productive enviornment.  



Design should reflect the human body. Decisions of height, distance, shape and form all affect the way in which our bodies interact and work within a space. Optimizing ergonomics increases not just comfort but productivity. 



Colors are emotional and associative. The color selection within a room should be harmonious with the room's purpose and aesthetically pleasing. Color flow should connect rooms and create continuity.   



Sustainable and natural building materials create a strong foundation for all home interiors. These materials should be free of VOCs and other chemical containments. Flooring, tile, stone, plaster and paint all should contribute to the health of the homeowner. Subtle use of texture and material variance, guide the eye, create distinctions in the brain and fill functional needs. 

Smart Technology

Integration of cutting edge technologies into daily life that help monitor and serve individual's health goals such as nutritional health, heart health, hydration, sleep, stress management and well aging. Customized systems that support aging in place by creating an environment suitable and adaptable to every stage of life. 



Linking built and natural environments through design. Research shows that the incorporation of natural elements reduces stress, blood pressure, and heart rates, while increasing productivity, creativity and wellbeing.